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I bought my tickets online; can I cancel them online?

Train to Plane Saver tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. There are certain circumstances where you may be eligible for a refund, find out more at National Rail Conditions of Travel.

Can I cancel by email before my travel date?

Once you’ve checked that you are eligible for a refund, you can cancel your booking by email before the travel date on the ticket.

To do this, email the original booking confirmation document you received when you made the booking to and state that you wish to cancel your booking. Please remember that we are unable to consider your application unless you send the original booking confirmation.

Can I get compensation?

We are committed to providing a customer complaint procedure that meets the needs and expectations of all who travel with us.

We recognise that customer feedback is essential to continuously improve our business and your experience when you travel with us. We welcome and act on the feedback we receive.

Our Customer Relations team are available to contact via telephone on 0330 128 1523 or via email at

We have a specific Delay Repay compensation scheme which can be accessed via the LNR website, or by asking station staff for a paper form if you experience a delayed journey with us.

Length of DelayCompensation
15 to 29 minutes25% of your single ticket cost or 12.5% of your return ticket cost
30 to 59 minutes50% of the cost of your one-way ticket or 25% of your return ticket cost
60 to 119 minutes100% of the cost of your one-way ticket or 50% of the cost of your return ticket
120 minutes or longer100% of the cost of your ticket whether single or return

Compensation for other losses

If you incur any other expenses as a result of a late or cancelled train - such as taxis, hotels and flights - you should claim these under your travel insurance.

There’s more information about refunds and compensation in our passenger charter.

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