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Get special low-cost train tickets to Birmingham International. Train to Plane Saver serves 49 stations on the West Midlands network, to and from the railway station at Birmingham Airport. Browse our cheap, flexible fares and offers.

Ticket Types

Browse our flexible low cost fares and secure your journey before you travel. Our fast and reliable services connect London and the North West with the West Midlands.

Getting Your Ticket

Once you’ve booked your journey, we’ll email the tickets as PDFs along with an order confirmation. An option to add your eTickets to Apple Wallet will be available within the email.

Penalty Fares

All passengers require a valid ticket or Permit to Travel before boarding their train. Ensure that you have the entirety of your journey covered, otherwise you run the risk of facing a Penalty Fare.


Railcards can’t be used for booking Train to Plane Saver tickets online.

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